BlimpDao (🎈,🎈)

Who are we?
We are a couple of people who love blimps. From the first time we laid eyes on one, we couldn’t believe a balloon that huge could move so gracefully through the air.

Why blimps?
There are only about 25 blimps in the world. GoodYear has maintained a near monopoly on blimps and has built an iconic brand despite being a mediocre tire manufacturer.

Isn’t it actually a semi-rigid airship?
Fuck you. But yes, a blimp is a non-rigid airship. Technically most of the big boys flying today are zeppelins. Blimp is just a funnier word, we don’t make the rules.

What’s the goal?
First and foremost, to get all of our members a ride in a blimp. We’ve interviewed (and in some cases recruited to the DAO!) pilots, airline consultants, and even an aviation magazine writer. Fully staffed blimp operators and crews are standing by waiting for us to embark on our maiden voyage. For $9M, we can lease a 246ft airship that seats 12 on top of the crew and flight attendants for one year. The cost comes with a full wrap with the graphic design of our choosing.

What’s the dream?
BlimpDAO will dominate the skies of the physical world and the metaverse. By auctioning off advertising rights on our fleet, we can offset maintenance costs and grow over time.

Discord - if ya want to get to work

Twitter - if ya here for the memes

Funding - coming soon